Featured Hikes: Manitoba

Situated right in the centre of the country, Manitoba is rightly known as ‘Canada’s beating heart’. The ‘keyhole province’ is famous across the world for its Indigenous heritage, its incredible range of flora and fauna and its friendly communities – all of which can be experienced on the Trans Canada Trail.      Centennial Trail  The Centennial Trail is […]

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Tips for Mindful Walking on the Trans Canada Trail

For many of us, the Trans Canada Trail is an outdoor gym – a place to improve our physical fitness while discovering Canada’s incredible landscapes. But did you know that the Trail also offers opportunities to take care of our mental health?  Activities like mindful walking in the outdoors can help free our minds from “mental clutter” and everyday stress. […]

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Trail sections that connect with Canada’s Indigenous heritage

First Nation, Inuit and Métis populations have always understood the importance of connecting to the natural world around us. We have much to learn from this philosophy, especially when we explore and enjoy the many sections of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT).  Here is a selection of our favourite trails that connect to some of these diverse cultures.      Cowichan Valley Trail, […]

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Stay Safe and Be Smart When Hiking the Trans Canada Trail this Fall

There’s no better way to experience the splendour of the changing season than with a hike on the Trans Canada Trail. The beauty of Canada’s natural landscape is there for all of us to enjoy this fall, along with the peace of mind and satisfaction of being able to ‘get away from it all’ at a time when outdoor recreation and connecting with nature is more important than ever.  […]

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Experience Northern Wilderness on the Itijjagiaq Trail

Arguably the most remote section of the Trans Canada Trail, the Itijjagiaq Trail is a 120-kilometre wilderness route on Baffin Island, which connects Frobisher Bay near Iqaluit to Glasgow Bay near Kimmirut. Recommended for experienced and prepared outdoor adventurers only, this trail across Katannilik Territorial Park is intense, wild and rewarding.  Find out what you need to do before embarking on this adventure […]

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Featured Hikes: British Columbia

From coastal waters to majestic mountains, beautiful British Columbia astounds visitors with a dazzling display of all that nature has to offer. Not only does the province boast extensive land-based sections of the Trans Canada Trail, it is also home to beautiful water routes for canoeists and kayakers.     Discover our Featured Hikes in British Columbia.       Chief Isadore Trail  This […]

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