October 1 to 31 - FREE REGISTRATION

Experience Canada like never before. We challenge all of you to collectively hike The Great Trail of Canada’s 27,000 kilometres in 31 days. Step out there - October 1 to 31, 2020. Share photos or videos of your hike with the hashtag #GreatCanadianHike for a chance to win!

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Find your hike

Step 1

Find your hike

Find a Trail section close to you, choose a date, a start time and commit to hike (or walk, jog, cycle or paddle) a number of kilometres.

Register your hike

Step 2

Register your hike

Once you’ve selected one or more trails, register for free and set your personal goal for kilometres to cover on each hike.

Share your hike

Step 3

Share your hike

Share your challenge with members of your household by adding them as team members. Share photos or videos of your hike with the hashtag #GreatCanadianHike for a chance to win!

Physically distant,

but socially together

From humble strolls to epic adventures, October 1 to 31 is your chance to hike, walk, jog, cycle or paddle and experience The Great Trail of Canada as a participant in Canada's largest coordinated, collective hike! We’ve put together a group of great trails – known as Signature Hikes - in each province and territory to help inspire you for your challenge. No Signature Hikes close to you? No problem! Choose a Trail section close to you and register to participate.

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