COVID-19 and the Great Canadian Hike

Across Canada, instances of COVID-19 remain at critical levels. Community spread of the virus is present in many areas. For this reason, Trans Canada Trail strongly encourages anyone participating in the Great Canadian Hike, or using trails in general, to abide by the following guidance:


Stay physically distant, and hike near your home

The Great Canadian Hike invites everyone to experience The Great Trail of Canada by choosing short, single-day hikes along sections of the Trail close to your home. Before registering, check current public advice issued for your province or territory and follow it before, during and after your hike. When registering, only add team members who are members of your household.

While on the Trail (or anywhere outdoors), keep a distance of at least two metres from anyone who is not a member of your own household – and always wear a mask if you can’t.


Great Canadian Hike is a self-supported challenge, so being prepared before you get to the Trail is key. We strongly suggest bringing your own hand sanitizer, mask and other important items, such as food, water, your cellphone and a first aid kit.

In these difficult times, we all have a role to play in keeping ourselves and one another safe. Trails offer so much to people of all ages and abilities – a chance to take refuge in nature, to keep ourselves fit and physically healthy, and to socially connect with one another while remaining physically distant. However, these important benefits are at risk if we do not embrace responsible and safe recreation.

Thank you for doing your part to protect us all.  


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