Great Canadian Hikers!

We are thrilled to share that over 10,000 Canadians took up our national challenge and participated in the inaugural Great Canadian Hike. You all hiked for a combined total of 108,000 kilometres between October 1 and 31 - that's like trekking the length of The Great Trail FOUR TIMES! Thank you all, and check out the BLOG section to read more about the winners, scroll through photos of participants and discover the shared achievements of our first physically distant challenge!  

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Find your hike

Step 1

Find your hike

Find a Trail section close to you, choose a date, a start time and commit to hike (or walk, jog, cycle or paddle) a number of kilometres.

Register your hike

Step 2

Register your hike

Once you’ve selected one or more trails, register for free and set your personal goal for kilometres to cover on each hike.

Share your hike

Step 3

Share your hike

Share your challenge with members of your household by adding them as team members. Share photos or videos of your hike with the hashtag #GreatCanadianHike for a chance to win!

Physically distant,

but socially together

From humble strolls to epic adventures, October 1 to 31 is your chance to hike, walk, jog, cycle or paddle and experience The Great Trail of Canada as a participant in Canada's largest coordinated, collective hike! We’ve put together a group of great trails – known as Signature Hikes - in each province and territory to help inspire you for your challenge. No Signature Hikes close to you? No problem! Choose a Trail section close to you and register to participate.

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