Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the Great Canadian Hike that someone has probably already asked!

Now in its second year, the Great Canadian Hike is an annual national challenge that encourages Canadians to get out into nature and embrace their local trails.

This year, we’re calling on everyone in all 13 provinces and territories to DISCONNECT to RECONNECT! Let’s all press pause on our devices and reconnect with nature and to one another by collectively spending 28,000 hours on Canada’s 28,000 km-long national trail. From humble strolls to epic adventures, September 15 to October 31 is your chance to experience the Trans Canada Trail in the Great Canadian Hike.  

You can also log your Trail time in kilometres. The Great Canadian Hike offers an amazing opportunity to get active in the great outdoors in whichever way you choose: hike, walk, run, skip, paddle, roll, stroll or bike – or all of the above! 

We have put together a list of Featured Hikes to inspire you, or you can use the search function on our map to find a Trail section closest to you.

Want to walk, jog, cycle or paddle? Not a problem! Search for a Trail section close to you that allows these activities.

The only limitation is that whatever activity you choose, must be in compliance with all laws and jurisdiction(s) in which you are doing them.

It’s entirely up to you. Whether you want to hike for one hour or many more, you’ll be part of Trans Canada Trail’s Great Canadian Hike, connecting Canadians to nature and to one another.

There is NO cost to participate in the Great Canadian Hike. However, we are accepting donations  to assist with improvements and upkeep to the Trans Canada Trail. 

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we encourage it! Canadians have spent the last year and a half navigating the social isolation of COVID-19. The Great Canadian Hike is the perfect antidote, providing an opportunity for a safe, social reconnection time with friends and family.

Our new Refer a Friend program encourages you to refer 5-10 friends and family to join you on your hike, and be eligible to win great prizes. Every second, minute or hour you and your friends and family log on the Trail this fall brings us toward our collective goal of 28,000 hours of Trail time. You can also log your Trail time in kilometres. This is time well spent – boosting your mental, physical and social health in the company of Canadians across the country!

Remember that you must abide by all local and provincial/territorial COVID-19 restrictions.

If you would like a quieter hike, please choose early mornings during the week and/or hike on trails further away from large urban centres.

Healthcare providers are encouraging people to get outside and get exercise. The Great Canadian Hike is a challenge designed around a physically distant, socially together world.

COVID-19 remains an evolving situation and public health measures vary from region to region. Please keep in mind: 

  • Trails that are part of the Trans Canada Trail network are locally owned and operated. Decisions to close sections for a range of reasons (staffing, safety, busier sections that may make social distancing less effective, etc.) are under their purview. We recommend that trail users follow provincial/territorial and municipal guidelines, and to always check the status of the trail you’re planning to visit.
  • Consult the latest updates from the Government of Canada, your province/territory, your municipality and the organization that manages your chosen section of the Trail. The way in which provinces, territories and municipalities respond to COVID-19 is fluid, so we may not be aware of all trail closures. We understand how this might be frustrating, however, some local  volunteer trail organizations may be facing unforeseen challenges and may determine that it is in the public’s best interest to close their section.

No, this is an unsupported challenge and you must be self-sufficient.

Assume that there are no washrooms along sections of the Trail. We are not bringing in toilets, hand-washing stations or temporary structures for this challenge. It is an unsupported challenge, and you will need to plan accordingly.

Depending on the length and remoteness of your hike, we suggest a few items you should take: 

  • Laced footwear with good tread (no flip-flops or open toed shoes)
  • Waterproof jacket, layered clothing for all conditions 
  • Food and water.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bug repellent.
  • First aid kit.
  • Cell phone – more remote locations may not have cellular access

Yes, most sections of the Trans Canada Trail do not loop back on themselves.

Contact your local emergency services by calling 911, if you have cell coverage. For remote hikes plan on being self-sufficient for an extended period (bring first aid kit, extra food).

We can’t guarantee cellular coverage, but if this is of serious concern to you, consider choosing hikes close to populated areas.

After each hike, share photos or videos of your adventures with us! Each photo or video submission gets you an EXTRA entry for even more chances to win amazing prizes. Upload here or share on social with the hashtag #GreatCanadianHike to participate.

Don’t forget to tag @TCTrail on Twitter, @transcanadatrail on Instagram or @TCTrailSentierTC on Facebook.

The Trail is truly a gift from Canadians to Canadians, and has the support of Canadians from all regions and walks of life. The Trail is also supported by corporations, foundations and all levels of government.